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Working in a team to write complex software (1/3) using Human Level Artificial Intelligence


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This video shows a team of robots working together to write a complex software program. There are no sound in the video because I wanted to show the viewers how these robots think while writing a customer database system.

I have done videos on a robot writing a complex software like a database system. However, an individual robot can't write extremely complex software, such as an entire operating system. In software engineering, professors teach students to work in a team in order to write complex software.

There are two parts to this video. The first video shows a project manager designing the core structure of a customer database system. The software was broken up into 3 parts. The project manager (the robot) has 3 programmers working for him: programmer1, programmer2, and programmer3. He assigns each programmer a part to write. During the code writing phase, the project manager's job is to supervise all 3 programmers and to solve conflicts of interest.

The 2nd video shows an individual worker, called programmer2, who is responsible for writing 3 additional methods for the database system. First, he has to read the program codes written by programmer1 and to understand every aspect of the program. Next, he has to identify where to insert his methods in programmer1's software codes. Finally, he uses a notebook to design the structure of the 3 methods.

In order to write really complex software, like an operating system, robots have to work in a team like environment, where all members have to collaborate, solve problems, design a united program, and work together to write the software. This video shows 3 robots working together to write a database system:



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