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What is human level artificial intelligence?

HLAI is a human robot that can sense, think, act, and behave like a human being.  Human intelligence isn't confined to simply answering questions (the Turing test).  There are many different skills human beings have and scientists need a brand new test to determine what a robot can and can't do in all cognitive skills.  One way to test if a robot has human level intelligence is by sending it to college.  If the robot graduates in 4 years with a computer science degree or engineering degree, then we can safely say that the robot has achieved human level artificial intelligence.     

No university or software company has ever built a robot that can graduate from college yet (2006).   

If you look carefully at the design for my human robot, I'm not using any pre-existing AI methods.  I don't use Bayesian's network/probability theories for decision making.  There are no language parsers or semantic networks in my robot's data structure for language understanding.  I'm not using a rule-based system with 6 million rules/facts to generate common sense knowledge.  Also, my robot doesn't use machine learning to learn information. 


What is universal artificial intelligence?

UAI is a software program that can do any human task.  Unlike expert programs, the artificial intelligence in UAI is universal and can be applied to any field:  restaurants, supermarkets, post offices, businesses, farms, factories, government agencies etc.  Each robot (with UAI) was designed to do certain jobs and each can work in a hierarchical team to run a business.  One example of UAI is a fully automated Mcdonalds.  All robots working in a fully automated Mcdonalds have different jobs and they work together as a team in order to run and manage the restaurant.  Another example of UAI is a fully automated GM.  GM has over 50,000 human employees working in their car factories.  A fully automated GM means there are no human workers in the car factories and everything is run by robots.      

Today, there is no such thing as a fully automated Mcdonalds or a fully automated car factory (2006). 


About Us

This website is about advancing artificial intelligence and coming up with new ideas and approaches in solving current AI problems.   Today, there are no robot that can graduate from college.  My goal was to design a robot that can graduate from college.  There are no fully automated restaurants (such as a fully automated Taco Bell).  My goal was to design a UAI and apply it to restaurants.   

I think protecting intellectual property is very important.  I have inventions that I worked very hard to design and I want to protect these inventions.  Unfortunately, protecting intellectual property is not as simple as calling 911 and reporting a case.  Money, lots of money is required to hire lawyers and file patents/copyrights.  For this reason, I ask people to donate to my website.  All donations are tax deductible and the money will go to a good cause (mainly the advancement of technology).  All payment options are available through Paypal's secure website.        








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