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Patents Pending


patent applications:                                                                 publication status:


1.  United States serial no.  60/909,437                                  not published

2.  United States serial no.  11/744,767                                  not published

3.  United States serial no.  11/770,734                                  published

4.  United States serial no.  11/936,725                                  not published

5.  United States serial no.  12/014,742                                  not published

6.  United States serial no.  61/028,885                                  not published

7.  United States serial no.  12/110,313                                  not published

8.  United States serial no.  12/129,231                                  not published

9.  United States serial no.  12/135,132                                  not published

10.  United States serial no.  61/073,256                                not published

11.  United States serial no.  61/074,634                                not published

12.  United States serial no.  61/077,178                                not published

13.  United States serial no.  61/079,109                                not published


The first several patent applications describe human level artificial intelligence (my first invention). 

A total of 22 patent applications have been filed with the USPTO, 8 of which are utility patents and 16 are provisional patents.  These documents were intended to protect my 7 inventions.   The utility patents are available online, but not the provisional patents.  Because of the overwhelming amount of diskspace, none of the patent applications are available on this website.  Use Google's search engine below to search for specific patent applications on the web.



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last updated:  August 27, 2008





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