Robot combat pilot

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Robot combat pilot (Human Artificial Intelligence)



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This video shows a robot combat pilot.  There are no sound during parts of the video because I wanted to show the viewers what the robot is thinking while fighting enemy forces.  The flashing text and freeze frames are the internal thoughts of the robot and not instruction text for the viewers.  These internal thoughts describe the details of how the robot produce intelligence.

My robot doesn't use:  planning programs/heuristic searches (used by MIT and Stanford University), Bayesian's probability theories for decision making, Bayesian's equation for induction and deduction, semantic networks for natural language understanding, predicate calculus, common sense systems, first-order logic, rule-based systems, genetic programming, or MACHINE LEARNING.

This robot combat pilot was given a mission to fly 8 miles from the aircraft carrier and destroy an enemy base.  During the navigation, enemy planes were encountered and the robot and his co-pilot has to work together to destroy enemy forces.

There are several interruptions during the mission.  One of the ally planes was shot down and the robot's plane survived the air battle.  However, the robot's plane sustained a hit to one of the engines.  After accessing the situation, the robot thinks he can still accomplish the mission.  All he needs to do is navigate to the enemy base and drop a few bombs.  The plane can still fly with one engine.

It is very important for the robot to solve interruptions when they occur.  Despite the damage to his plane, he knows the plane can still fly and there is no need to abort the mission.



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