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Robot artist (making a clay sculpture using Human Artificial Intelligence)



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This video shows a robot sculpturing a female face.  There are no sound in the video because I wanted to show the viewers what the robot is thinking while making the artwork.  The flashing text and freeze frames are the internal thoughts of the robot and not instruction text for the viewers.  These internal thoughts describe the details of how the robot produce intelligence.

My robot doesn't use:  planning programs/heuristic searches (used by MIT and Stanford University), Bayesian's probability theories for decision making, Bayesian's equation for induction and deduction, semantic networks for natural language understanding, predicate calculus, common sense systems, first-order logic, rule-based systems, decision trees, genetic programming, or MACHINE LEARNING.

Before the robot does any work, he has to first imagine his artwork in his mind.  What exactly does the robot want to produce using clay?  This initial step includes searching memory for possible images he can use.  The robot was given instructions from a boss to make a clay face of a female in her late-20's.  Common sense tells the robot that the female face has to be mature looking.  He also brainstorm ideas about what kind of face to portray.  The idea he got was a frontal face of a beautiful female with her eyes closed.  In art school, they teach you that every artwork has to have meaning.  And the robot has to make this clay sculpture with artistic meaning in mind.

Next, the robot has to find a particular image he is looking for in memory.  He might extract 3-4 images and select one.  This image is known as the mental image.  This mental image serves as a model to mold the clay.

The robot has to also use tools, including his fingers, to mold the clay according to the mental image in his head.  He generates and follow linear steps to make the clay sculpture.  Instructions such as what to copy and how to use the tools are part of the linear steps.

As you can see, at the ending of the video, the robot has succeeded in making a beautiful female face using clay as the media.



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